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Renewa Acc Pressure Kit, REN-H31

  • Product Code: REN-H31
  • ₹ 430.00
  • ₹ 299.00

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  • With " Earring + Incense Stick Holder + Small Wooden Box", Effective health cure is right here! ESCOR Byzantine brings to you a valuable acupressure finger massager useful for the treatment of finger also to relieve your stress. This therapy is durable and effective to refresh you, recommended by doctors around the globe! Grab this pain relief product today that really works!
  • Relief for strain and fatigue, finger numbness, stiff joints and arthritic soreness. Stimulate nerves and neural system. Using Sujok Therapy to enhance blood circulation, brain activity and sense of touch. SUJOK is divided in two parts-'SU' &'JOK', these means Foot and Hand. It is not only a method of improving health, but also a way of comprehending the fundamental laws of life.
  • To establishing connections between classical Western science and knowledge accumulated by the medicine of the Orient, since ancient times. High effectiveness and simplicity of SuJok therapy contributes to quick spreading of the method in various countries. SuJok rings are traditionally used to give the body energy, concentration, health and more. This SuJok therapy ring is used while you study, work on computer or after playing instruments like guitar, harmonium and tabla or driving a car.

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