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Diawalk diabetic Footwear Diabetic & Orthopedic Sandal/slipper for women 0234

  • Brand: Diawalk
  • Product Code: 0234
  • ₹ 1,399.00

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Choosing perfect diabetic Wear will help you in Aligns the feet and Body posture to its natural position to restore the lower limbs to its natural angles and ensure that your feet's chances of blisters are minimal. If you wear traditional Footwear, you might get a blister that you don't notice (especially when you aren't doing regular checks for cuts and scrapes). And if this blister becomes infected, it can turn into a more complicated infection that leads to ulcers and eventually gangrene. Since diabetics have a hard time with infections, things can get out of hand more quickly than with everyone else. This is why it's so important to not only use and wear diabetic Footwear, but also to regulate your diet and exercise plans. Getting regular checks by your doctor, taking your medications as indicated and monitoring your blood sugar are also long term solutions for preventing long term and unnecessary problems.Designed with innovative comfort men’s orthopedic Sandals presents this men's orthopedic softy Brown colored sandals. Designed with MCP(Micro Cellular Polymer) insoles that are equipped with bounce back memory. This sandals provide relief for ankle pain, heel pain cracked feet, inflammation, arch pain, foot ulcers and all feet related pains.The footwear are specially designed to provide comfort in diabetic feet, low back pain, spinal problems, corns, bunions, cracks, anaesthetic foot.

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