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50 years of rich experience of Dr. Mohammed Yousuf Sayani & impeccable track record in health care industry by Dr.Sayani's Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre, Sayani Surgicals & Dr.Sayani's Rehabilitation Aids made to establish Dr.Sayani’s Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.- a Conglomerate with aim of Manufacturing, Import/ Export, Distribution and Logistics, Clinics and Healthcare Retailing in Healthcare practices

Dr. Sayani's Healthcare Pvt Ltd. has a customer centric approach with different operations of Sayani Surgicals and Dr. Sayani's rehabilitation aids and other initiatives under one roof. Dr. Sayani's Healthcare Pvt Ltd. undertakes marketing and sales of healthcare products for the manufacturer who needs marketing support in India because of the divisional strength. We also offer Turnkey Project Management for Healthcare Retail, Gym & Fitness Centers, Physiotherapy & Lifestyle Clinics, etc. The different divisions in various branches of health practices and services are: Manufacturing Imports & exports Distribution & logistics Healthcare retail Physiotherapy & lifestyle Clinics


DR. MOHAMMED YOUSUF SAYANI, the chairman of Dr. Sayani's Healthcare Pvt Ltd is a graduate in physiotherapy from KEM hospital, Mumbai and chartered physiotherapy from London (UK). He has the unique distinction of first fully qualified physiotherapist in Andhra Pradesh (India). He started his career in early 1960's and was associated with various reputed institutes from India and abroad such as physio occupational therapy training center - New Delhi, Osmania general hospital – Hyderabad, Nizam's orthopedic hospital ( presently NIMS) – Hyderabad, Hyderabad Nursing home- Hyderabad, Harlow wood ortho hospital – Mansfield Nottinghamshire (UK) , Royal National Orthopedic Hospital – Stanmore, Middlesex(UK), Stokemandivelle International Paraplegic Centre – UK, Queen's Mary Hospital and Artificial Limb Centre – London

DR. MOHAMMED YOUSUF SAYANI started his first clinic in the heart of "The Pearl City" – Hyderabad making himself busy offering his expertise services by means of therapy, pain management and customized aids and appliances to the physically and mentally challenged.

He is former Treasurer of All India Physiotherapist Association and twice was the Chairperson for the All India Physiotherapy Conference held in Andhra Pradesh.

He is the first physiotherapist to establish a prosthetic and orthotic workshop to manufacture high quality and cost effective crutches, calipers for polio effected children. He felt the need for the equipment and alleviation of the suffering for people in his own area of physio / Ortho therapy and made a modest beginning of manufacturing cervical collars, crutches etc. in a section of the building attached to his physiotherapy clinic as a social and moral responsibility and named it as Sayani Surgicals.

Dr. Mohammed Yousuf Sayani was awarded "Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award" and "Rashtriya Ratan Award" for his outstanding service and contribution to the physically challenged in 2007.

DR. MOHAMMED  SHAKEEL SAYANI, Managing Director of Dr. Sayani's Healthcare Pvt Ltd. has completed his M.B.B.S from Deccan College of Medical Sciences at Hyderabad and Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy & sports nutrition from Apollo College of physiotherapy – Hyderabad. He is Gold Medalist in Ophthalmology.

He was involved with his father Dr. Mohammed Yousuf Sayani from his childhood gaining and developing his knowledge base in the area of his father practice. Dr. Mohammed Shakeel Sayani started taking lead along with his father and converted a small workshop to a manufacturing unit and named it Dr. Sayani's Rehabilitation Aids. He started manufacturing orthopedic appliances, Rehabilitation aids, Hospital furniture, Diabetic Footwear, etc. He identified the need of equipment, instruments and other Healthcare products and converted Sayani Surgicals into a distribution and trading concern and started importing world class products and exporting manufactured products. The products are exported to Dubai, Iraq, Germany, Sri Lanka etc. both the firms achieved immense growth with huge network in various states and metros of INDIA.

To expand and to have a presence globally the founder decided to get into various streams of health care operations and bring all existing operations under one roof thus Dr. Sayani's Health Care Pvt Ltd. was evolved.


The founder leadership is building the leadership among the team. The team is called as Sayanian's family. The open disciplined work culture gives employs freedom to explore their talent develops themselves. The new dynamic thoughts are developed among the employees with clarity & focused training which are customers centric. We provide a huge platform for freshers & learners to gain knowledge in multi- dimensional activities. The culture states "Only right people can bring positive difference in the work place & are an asset to the organization. The culture is of awards and rewards. The team has expertise in supply chain, marketing, sales, logistics, retail, etc. the aim is to drill positive attitude in our employees and enable them achieve professional standards in all streams.

Dr. Sayanis's Focus

  • » Physiotherapy
  • » Rehabilitation
  • » Lifestyle Clinics
  • » Healthcare Retail
  • » Manufacturing, Imports & Exports
  • » Distribution & Logistics
  • » Gym & Fitness Equipments
  • » Turnkey Project Management

Dr. Sayanis's Vision

Dr. Sayani’s healthcare pvt ltd. Aims to emerge as a technology and service driven global player in manufacturing, offering, innovating & cost effective health care products and services within the reach of every channel partner / institution / individual as a customer to their utmost satisfaction by dedicated and professional practices

Dr. Sayanis's Mission

  • ✔ To make social and moral responsibilities to creat Preventive and Managed Healthcare.
  • ✔ To be a leader in healthcare distribution and logistics
  • ✔ To produce quality cost effective healthcare products and make it available nationally and internationally
  • ✔ To explore the practice of physiotherapy in healing.
  • ✔ To reach the common man and provide world class healthcare products and services.
  • ✔ To establish one of it's kind concept in healthcare retailing.
  • ✔ To be a solution provider for the unfortune, physically and mentally challenged to lead a normal life.
  • ✔ To act as a channel partner to those who are dedicated for renewing life
  • ✔ To initiate and achieve international standard, affordable, medical and paramedical services with needed care